Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 2.8

Tool that helps you recover lost or forgotten passwords for your documents
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This is an application that helps you recover lost or forgotten passwords for your Microsoft Office Documents (MS Word, Excel, Access).
Many times when working with passwords, we can have many problems, if we loose or forget one of them. This program will help you recover those passwords allowing you to open your documents and keeping you from losing your own work.

This program can perform brute force attacks with all possible character combinations (a time consuming but effective method) and dictionary attacks (if you recall having a significant word, this algorithm will save you a lot of time), and apply masks to ease the recovery process, like for instance if you remember the length of the password, its language, or some of its parts (like uppercase, lowercase or special symbols).

Accent OFFICE Pasword Recovery presents a nice and easy to use interface and will help you open documents to ease your work. If you want to test this software, a free trial is available for download.

Completely Supports:

Microsoft Access, Excel, Word 97, 2000, XP, 2003.

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