Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 6.0

Works three ways, using brute force, mask and dictionary attacks
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Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is faster and more effective than ever at recovering and deleting passwords to all versions of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice files. Runs up to 40 faster with AMD(ATI) and NVIDIA graphics cards.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery supports all file formats created in Microsoft Office and OpenOffice and successfully recovers passwords to files created in any year.

AccentOPR delivers top password recovery speeds on any computer using uniquely optimized code to adapt to the strengths of Intel and AMD processors.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery uses ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards to boost search speeds up to 40* times faster on each card. GPU technology helps recover passwords to open files created in Microsoft Office 2007/2010 and any version of OpenOffice.

The power of modern GPUs and APUs gives an incredible performance boost, and their flexibility, scalability and affordability make Accent OFFICE Password Recovery the optimal solution for recovering lost passwords.

Main Features:
- Fully supports Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents
- Works three ways, using brute force, mask and dictionary attacks
- Automatically recovers passwords using pre-installed scenarios
- Includes macrolanguage for adding password mutation rules to dictionary attacks
- Leverages GPU technology to recover passwords to files with the toughest encryption
- Graphic interface is easy to use
- Runs on Windows 7 and early Windows systems

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